• Minnesota State Fair Eco Experience Building (map)
  • 1265 Snelling Avenue North
  • Saint Paul, MN, 55108
  • United States

I'm thrilled to be speaking again this year at the Eco Experience building. There are many sustainable-based organizations in the building and lots of things to learn about. You'll also find Peace coffee next to the presentation stage:)

Harvested Here: The importance of supporting local flower growers.

Over 80% of the cut flowers purchased in the U.S. are grown overseas! The average grocery store bouquet travels around 2000 miles and encounters up to 127 different chemicals before it reaches your table. This is why Foxglove is dedicated to working with local farmers who grow flowers using sustainable and organic practices. These methods use fewer resources, zero chemicals, and support a diverse ecological system, benefiting our local pollinators, birds, and wildlife! Learn more about the cut flower industry and how you can help support local farmers.