• Foxglove Market & Studio (map)
  • 792 Grand Ave
  • St Paul, MN, 55105
  • United States

Handwritten is a workshop series stemming from a collaboration of women with a passion for the handwritten word and artisan paper goods. In this era of computer keyboards and text screens, we love the idea of slowing down and taking time to pen a to-do list or connect with a handwritten note.

$35 all supplies included; please bring an address to complete a handwritten card!

The first obstacle to feeling confident with handwriting is the fact that few of us have the opportunity to practice our writing. Gina Sekelsky guides you through ways to improve your handwriting quality and style with regular practice. She will share her favorite tools, tips, and tricks for disguising imperfections and finding your own personal best handwriting style.

After a short break for treats, join Gina, Wendy, and Christine for a studio session filled with creative letter writing inspiration! Explore ways to use your own handwriting to add more personality to your cards and letters. We’ll share our favorite picks from the wide world of handmade paper goods, as well as a curated idea board to help step up your letter writing game. Play with possibilities, then complete one card to mail that day!

A light breakfast will be provided by Bliss Gourmet Foods! Yay!