Where Women Cook: Celebrate

Jo Packham/Somerset Studio
2011 Lark Crafts

Our new book, Where Women Cook: Celebrate! is filled with delicious recipes from amazing artists. Over the next few weeks we will be introducing you to each of these women! We are so excited to have them part of the Where Women Cook family and are you will love them too.

Christine Hoffman is a designer, stylist, and pie baker working under the title “at home expert.” After 10 years of retail merchandising and owning a vintage shop, Christine left the world of retail to focus on design.

She has since worked with many home and shop owners, as a designer for HGTV, and most recently, as the designer and co-coordinator for The Creative Connection Event.

Her own homes, projects, and recipes have been featured in Country Living, Mary Janes Farm, Matthew Mead Holiday, Where Women Cook, and on the DIY network.

She spreads her love of pie baking and shares homekeeping tips, recipes, and craftiness on her blog, Pies and Aprons.

Christine loves a good celebration, so she was a natural choice to be in the book.

“Celebrations are such an essential part of life. My family has always loved any excuse to have a party, or just come together to share food and laughter.

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Country Living Magazine

This Country Life

"I wanted the house to blend with the surroundings," Christine Hoffman says, "and to have some excitement too." Tour this colorful, fall-inspired home.

By Jane Dagmi


"I wanted the house to blend with the surroundings," Christine says, "and to have some excitement too." An obsessive but fun search resulted in the perfect shade of green, Prairie Green from Ace, for the exterior. For contrast, she used dark chocolate and vanilla pain on the architectural details. The four and a half-acre property includes a granary and a red barn.

Lucas Allen

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Country Living Magazine

Haupt Antiek Market

Four days a month the sleepy town of Rosemount, Minn., swells with passionate shoppers eager to strike a deal at the Haupt Antiek Market.

By Jane Dagmi

Retail Stylist

When it comes to visual merchandising, Deb passes the baton over to St. Paul-based retail stylist (and occasional dealer) Christine Hoffman. Christine pulls it all together, and even dabbles in catering.

Kathy Quirk-Syvertsen

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