Slow Flowers

Christine Hoffman, owner of Foxglove Market & Studio in St. Paul, is a local leader of the “slow flower” movement, and works with both passion and diligence to educate the public on this trend, which has been steadily gaining momentum in recent years. “The importance of that perfect shade of coral, or having peonies for a September wedding, is being replaced with the importance of where the flowers came from and how they were grown,” says Hoffman.

Though the movement may be more prevalent on the West Coast, where diverse blooms are available year-round, more and more Minnesota designers and florists are shifting their focus to locally sourced flowers. Even with the limited growing season, dazzling designs are possible, no matter the wedding date.

“There is so much interesting flora all year if clients are willing to be flexible,” says Hoffman, citing a client whose March bridal bouquet included grapevine, willows and dried flowers. Even winter weddings can feature elements such as greens, berries, birch and willow for unique and elegant seasonal designs.

Through her shop, website, social media, and special workshops and events, Hoffman works to spread the gospel of sustainable, locally sourced flowers. “Education and exposure are key,” she says. “Once clients learn the facts about traditional flower sourcing and see the variety of local flowers available, they’re willing to make the leap.”