Shop — Foxglove Market

A busy Sunday had us seeking refuge from hectic to-do lists and searching for a relaxing moment. We look an hour long vacation in FoxGlove Market, located east of Grand and Avon in St. Paul. The studio and shop proved to offer more than expected; Foxglove is filled to the brim with tiny treasures that could serve as both a wonderful gift or the little details you often need and can't find. This is evidenced in their vast supplies of pretty paper straws, colored glass jars and candles, and gifting goods like tags, bags, and boxes. One of our favorite features of the store is its commitment to healthy and happy plants that are domestically sourced. Owner Christine filled us in a bit on her passion for supporting local growers and celebrating seasonal abundance; we found ourselves in total agreement as we swooned over the bushels of frosty evergreen outside the store front.  

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