Flower Subscription


Flower Subscription


Four seasons of weekly flower subscriptions.
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Bouquets are field fresh, custom-designed, and packaged in a recyclable brown paper sleeve for easy transport.
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Season 1: June 6th to July 18th (no pick-up week of July 4th)
Season 2: August 1st to September 5th
Season 3: September 12th to October 17th
Season 4: October 24th  to November 28th

Pick-up Locations and Times:

Kopplin's Coffee 2038 Marshall Avenue St. Paul MN 55104 | Wednesday 5-8 PM

The Golden Fig | 792 Grand Avenue St. Paul MN 55104 | Wednesday 5-8 PM

Gyst Fermentation Bar 25 E 26th St Minneapolis MN 55404 | Thursday 12-8 PM

Russell + Hazel Flagship Store 219 N 2nd St #216 Minneapolis MN 55401 | Thursday 12-6 PM