Seasonal Flowers Grown by Local Farms

"I have a commitment to unique and expressive floral design, happy plants, and a healthy environment. By staying domestic and keeping it simple, Foxglove strives to minimize environmental and social impact. My farmers use sustainable and organic growing methods, and deliver blooms personally to my studio."

  • Support Local Growers

  • Embrace Healthy Homes

  • Celebrate Seasonal Abundance

My mission is a simple one, based on my personal aesthetic and belief that flowers are most beautiful in their natural state. To me it seems counter-intuitive to treat soil and plants with artificial fertilizers, chemicals and sprays, and I really don’t want to trail those things into my home and onto my table. It poses a challenge in our cold climate to source everything locally, but it is a better choice for so many reasons.

Where MOST Flowers Come From

Over 80% of the flowers sold at grocery stores, florist shops, and online are actually grown thousands of miles away, most likely in Colombia, Ecuador, Thailand, or Kenya. In fact, Colombia alone accounts for over 60% of the flowers imported into the US every day!

Most flower workers in Colombia are women who are not paid enough to cover their family’s basic needs. Hours are long, work is intense, and flower workers are exposed to high levels of toxic pesticides and fungicides, leading to health issues for the workers. In addition to the use of chemicals during the growing process, US customs has strict requirements regarding insects in flower shipments, so imported flowers may be heavily treated with insecticides immediately before being packed and placed on a plane bound for the states.

This treatment leaves a nasty chemical residue on the flowers that is unquestionably unhealthy and transfers first to the florists hands then into your home. Yuck.

Learn more about the flower industry.

The Long Journey

Once flowers are harvested overseas they get bundled and boxed without water for ease of shipping. The boxed flowers are then flown thousands of miles (2500 miles to get from Bogota to Philadelphia), wait to go through customs inspection, hang out for a bit at the airport until a trucking company comes to pick them up, sit at the wholesale market until they are purchased, then are finally loaded back on a truck to be delivered to a florist or supermarket.

This is a long journey (about a week total) with a huge carbon footprint, AND the transit process creates heaps of trash: boxes, plastic sleeves, plastic tubes to support fragile stems, webbed “socks” to keep large flower heads from falling apart, synthetic sponges, rubber bands, and tons of packing paper. The flowers for a single FTD bouquet could generate enough rubbish to fill a curbside trash can! That is trash that stays in our landfills for decades to come.

Fresh, In-Season, Local

This is why Foxglove is dedicated to working with local farmers who are growing sustainably and organically. Flowers grown this way support a diverse ecological system, benefiting our local pollinators, birds, and wildlife. Blooms are cut the day before or that day, placed into buckets of water, and delivered by the growers directly to my studio! By offering these fresh beautiful blooms I hope to encourage consumers to live seasonally and celebrate the diverse range of products available from local flower farmers.