As many of you know by now, I closed the Foxglove storefront at the end of 2015. This decision, as most are, was not cut and dried nor easily made. But, as soon as I decided to make this transition, all of the elements started to align to make it happen. I took that as a strong sign I was making the right decision, and that feeling continues as I make new plans and work into the next phase of Foxglove. When I opened the brick and mortar shop, I decided to try my hand at retailing locally-grown, chemical-free flowers. With no real clue as to how to do that or if it were even possible in our Minnesota climate, I jumped in and gave it a whirl. And-it worked. My goal was to make this a viable option for consumers here, and expand the definition of “flower shop”. Along the way my passion for the flower studio grew and so did the demand. I began to design weddings and events, create more educational materials and speak about the slow flowers movement, and increase the day to day flower sales.

So the time came when having a retail shop, flower studio, and workshop schedule-all run by me!-became too much. It was my desire to focus my time and energy on becoming a stronger local advocate for slow flowers. This means I have spent the late winter season researching and planning for the steps I will take this year to put this new mission into action. First of all, I am thrilled to have more time to devote to the flower studio-booking more weddings and events, delivering arrangements, and selling flowers at pop-ups and select locations. Secondly, my schedule is more open for getting out and about to spread the word about local flowers, advocate and educate, as well as collaborate with lots of super folks. It's going to be awesome.

xo Christine