"Intentionally-sourced arrangements from small farms and gardens in the Midwest"

After a few months of creating, writing, and refining, I am delighted to have my new Flowers & Flora booklet in hand. This creation is my mission in a nutshell (a very carefully crafted nutshell). Since opening Foxglove, my work with local flowers & flora has proved to be incredibly rewarding and exciting for me. My own ideas about what this endeavor means have evolved, and I find that I love sharing my knowledge and extending the education base for what local flowers & flora are and why they matter.

2015 has already been, and will continue to be, an important year of growth for this part of my business. This lovely little booklet outlines the three main components of my mission and values, as well as what the Foxglove flower studio offers for you.

Embrace Healthy Homes
The average grocery store bouquet travels around 2,000 miles and encounters up to 127 different chemicals before it reaches your table. This is why Foxglove is dedicated to working with local farmers who grow flowers using sustainable and organic practices. These methods use fewer resources, zero chemicals, and support a diverse ecological system, benefiting our local pollinators, birds, and wildlife. Fresh cut blooms are harvested here and delivered directly to Foxglove by the farmers who grew them.

Celebrate Seasonal Style
Seasonal style is central to my design aesthetic. The spaces I create have a sense of ease about them, using a loose, natural style and an appreciation for the imperfect. In-season flowers & flora ~ a simple flowering branch in early spring; a lush bouquet at peak garden season; cedar springs in the winter~ reflect this and let us embrace the season. By using these elements, we create a continuum with the outdoors, fostering  a deeper engagement and understanding of the natural world.

Support Local Growers
Whether it be a ripe tomato in December or a red rose in February, we have come to expect anything we desire. This creates an unnatural sense of abundance, with little consideration for resources. Learning to appreciate what is in season frees us to live with intention and mindfulness. As our buying habits adjust, we support local farmers, makers, and businesses, and our whole community benefits. Bit by bit, we can nurture change. It's time to demand a better bouquet.