The late months of winter in Minnesota tempt with quiet and hibernation, but they also encourage me to delve into projects that I may not take time for in the warmer months. This combination of quiet reflection and concentrated effort is the prefect mix for me. I need down times to renew my energy and still my mind for things to come.

This same mix has been happening at Foxglove in the snow and cold.  I enjoyed having time to pause and reflect after the rush of my first Holiday season here. Finally having a few mornings to linger at home allowed me to compost, dream, and brainstorm for the coming year. I also spent a lot of task driven time catching up on paperwork and making a formal plan and calendar-nurturing both sides of my brain.

Foxglove Market & Studio

Foxglove Market & Studio


I just took a physical break from the shop for 3 days-the first I’ve been away that long since I opened….many people assumed I would have a bit of guilt, but I had N.O.N.E. We all need time away to restore our minds and souls, and that is exactly what it did for me. I was in the middle of planning some exciting new offerings at Foxglove, and the break gave me a renewed sense of purpose. Get ready-Foxglove is poised to grow with the seasons this year…a late spring launch, slow flowers expansion in spring, and a summer series of events.

Hope you’re taking some time for yourself and dreaming big.

xo Christine