I often say that stuff inspires me and overwhelms me. Stuff is an essential part of my life and business, and I feel I have a healthy relationship with it. I garner almost as much pleasure from getting rid of it as I do from seeking and collecting it. The thrill of the hunt is indeed a thrill, but the thrill of seeing some thing I have selected fall into the hands of someone who loves it? Even better.

Foxglove Market & Studio

Foxglove Market & Studio

There are times, however, when it feels overwhelming and vaguely hoarder-esque. This is when I begin to question my love for stuff and need to fill spaces with that stuff. Opening this shop was such a natural fit for me, and a logical blending of my past experiences. But, I once again struggled with the stuff part. Consumer-ism and the vast amount of waste in this world can make me a little nutty, and here I was opening another store full of stuff for people to buy.

Therefore, it is a priority to mindfully select items that are made with respect to resources and longevity. My products are carefully curated to bring joy and style into your home while keeping in mind the footprint they create. These are items you will use every day and keep for years and years (I hope).

Live with fewer and better.
Recycle and Reuse.