It's winter again.

The quiet of January always comes as a relief-and a shock.
We slow down after months of frantic preparation and participation.

I try to appreciate the calmer days, and am about to take that to another level-closing the shop for a dedicated time of slowing down. Nurture is the word that keeps coming to mind. Nurturing myself with a trip. Getting away. That's a big way to nurture, isn't it? Taking time to travel and see new things. Or see nothing but the view into the ocean. or the woods. or your yard. Taking that time to nurture yourself. 

Then, a dedicated time of planning for the shop. This time nurturing the business, my customers, and my collaborators. Every year brings exciting developments for Foxglove, and I need time to nurture those into actions. Such a lovely way to honor what I do and those who support what I do. 

What are you taking time to nurture this winter?
xo Christine