As the Twin Cities first exclusively local and chemical-free florist, Foxglove is more than just a flower studio. I am a slow flowers advocate striving to form a strong community of sustainable flower farmers, small business owners, and folks who care about supporting these mindful endeavors. By providing a local, sustainable option to traditional flowers, putting a premium on collaboration, and reaching out to the community, I hope to foster change.


My design world does not necessarily differentiate between flower, flora, weed, herb, or edible. Rather, these elements all merge at a lovely and intriguing intersection of flowers, food, and found objects. Everything interacts and is connected, just like the natural world. My floristry is about creating an environment and evoking feelings, not just arranging colorful flowers in a vase. It strives to create a continuum with the outdoors and nurture a deeper engagement with our surroundings. 

Knowing where our food comes from and how it is grown and processed is once again becoming a natural part of our everyday lives. These same issues apply to our cut flowers. The majority of commercial flowers are grown overseas using a mixture of fertilizers, chemicals and preservatives that are anything but natural. Add in worker exposure, ship time and resources, and you’ve got one loaded bunch of tulips. It’s easy to grab a cellophane wrapped bouquet, pop it in a vase, and not give it another thought. Those flowers, however, have a big impact on our environment-both in a broad sense and in your home. 

I still hold those fresh picked blooms as the standard for what flowers should be. By working with what is in season and mixing in unexpected elements like fern leaves, fresh herbs, or shrub trimmings, I uphold my commitment to unique and expressive floral design as well as a healthy environment.



Stylist. Forager. Pie Baker. Connector. Florist.

Since her days growing up in a river valley, gathering endless bunches of wildflowers from the woods surrounding her childhood home, Christine has been in love with flowers. Her parents are both gardeners, and their knowledge of plants and flowers settled into Christine with each bed she helped prep (grumbling all the way), and each garden picked bouquet brought into their house. She still holds those fresh picked blooms as the standard for what flowers should be. Her dedication to leading the Slow Flowers movement in Minnesota has positioned Christine as a local flower advocate. She is committed to sourcing and using all local, all chemical-free flowers & flora in the Foxglove studio, and her designs reflect this passion.


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