Putting a fresh modern spin on an honest folk vibe. Foxglove's thoughtful aesthetic emphasizes sustainability, utility, community and comfort.

Foxglove Market & Studio

Cultivated by Christine Hoffman, Foxglove offers an inspired balance between flower shop, modern mercantile, and working studio. Local growers deliver buckets of fresh cuts here while Christine replenishes her curated stock of party goods, useful home essentials and Midwest salvage that feels as much at home in country as city. From styling interiors to appointing tables, Foxglove’s thoughtful aesthetic emphasizes sustainability, utility, community and comfort.



Filled with inspiration for seeing beauty in the everyday, as well as essentials for living a creative life, the market is thoughtfully curated by Christine. Featuring items she has often used in her years as a designer and stylist, it reflects her belief that things need not be fussy to look amazing. From tabletop pieces, party wares, and paper goods to singular salvaged finds, home goods, and local art, Foxglove is filled with unique products. Christine’s knack for combining unexpected elements, color, and pattern is evidenced in a selection that will add instant character to your home, table, or party. She is always eager to offer design tips, simple DIY projects, and plenty of smiles and encouragement.


Working studios are an integral part of any creative pursuit, and offer a vivid interaction between behind the scenes and finished product. In the Foxglove Studio, catch a glimpse of Christine’s latest project or in-progress floral arrangement. You may even be invited to sit and enjoy a cup of tea (and a slice of pie if you’re really lucky). The studio will also be home to a myriad of gatherings, creative workshops and evening events, offering an exciting mix of retail and community. Visit our events page for a list of upcoming workshops and openings.


Knowing where our food comes from and how it is grown and processed is once again becoming a natural part of our every day lives. These same issues apply to our cut flowers. The majority of commercial flowers are grown overseas using a mixture of fertilizers, chemicals and preservatives that are anything but natural. Add in worker exposure and ship time and resources, and you’ve got one loaded bunch of tulips. It’s easy to grab a cellophane wrapped bouquet, pop it in a vase, and not give it another thought. Those flowers, however, have a big impact on our environment-both in a broad sense and in your home. Since her days growing up in a river valley, gathering endless bouquets of wildflowers from the woods surrounding her childhood home, Christine has been in love with flowers. Her parents are both gardeners, and their knowledge of plants and flowers settled into Christine with each bed she helped prep (grumbling all the way), and each garden picked bouquet brought into their house.

I still hold those fresh picked blooms as the standard for what flowers should be. By working with what is in season and mixing in unexpected elements like fern leaves, fresh herbs, or shrub trimmings, I have a commitment to unique and expressive floral design, happy plants and a healthy environment.


Stylist. Collector. Pie baker. Salvager. Retailer.

Christine, who can do and make-do with just about anything, is generous with easy-to-make ideas that celebrate day-to-day practicality and special occasions. Her methods are simple; her materials are basic, and she is passionate about making every day life beautiful on a budget. A forager by nature, with abundant merchandising and styling experience, Christine has as much of an instinct for gathering objects with character as she has for displaying and repurposing them. When she and her husband sold their farm and moved to the city, Christine held onto that wholesome homegrown authenticity. Part of the compelling nature of Foxglove is how she puts a fresh modern spin on that honest folk vibe.


Up Next

  Thanksgiving Centerpiece Workshop Saturday, November 21st 9:30 AM to 11:00 AM


Thanksgiving Centerpiece Workshop
Saturday, November 21st
9:30 AM to 11:00 AM